Underground River in Palawan: Is it worth the trip?

Many people come to Puerto Princesa for the purpose of visiting the Underground River in Sabang village. A question that I would ask first though: Is it really worth it?

I have been to it several times and it was cool back in 2000 when it was not a “touristy” thing to do. However, capitalism has taken it hold and it has become an expensive tourism experience.

When the Underground River was P100 pesos for the trip out and P20 for the entrance fee, it was someone of a cool (and cheap) day trip. Now, with the introduction of packages that are over P1,300 and the government making it hard to do yourself: not worth it to me!

Is there a DIY for the Underground River?

You can still do it and I will tell you how. It has become harder though.

You will have to go to the office at the City Coliseum and get it a day before you want to actual go.  The cost if I remember it right is P200 for Filipinos and P300 for the rest of us. It could have changed recently.

The next day, you will go to the bus station early and get the local bus to Sabang at 7am. This is the one taking all the residents back with rice and supplies. The cost of it is about P150 each way.

Once you are in Sabang, check in at the office onsite and you just have to wait your turn. It is a game of waiting. However, sit down and wait awhile is the motto of Asia.

After you see the Underground River, get the 3pm bus back to Puerto Princesa City.

You just saved about 600 pesos by doing it yourself.

What do you do while you wait?

There is a few places along the beach to check out while in Sabang. The most pricy of them all is, of course, the Sheridan resort in the middle. There is a few local restaurants there as well.

One other thing to note is there is no electricity in Sabang beside at the Sheridan that has their own power supply.

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