Updated : Nov 08, 2018 in Philippines

Trip to Vietnamese Village (Palawan)

On the north side of Puerto Princesa (close to Honda Bay) is a village of Vietnamese people. Most of them have died or moved on but there are a few that remained and started businesses in Puerto Princesa. (Vietnamese restaurants are everywhere!) At the center of the village is a shrine!

If you are wondering how hundreds of people from Vietnam got to Palawan, they came on boats when Saigon surrendered to North Vietnam. The Catholic Church, the Government of the Philippines, and United Nations worked together to find a resolution for these people.

How to get to the Vietnamese Village

If you want to go to it, you can take any Honda Bay jeepney and they will probably take you the extra kilometer for free or just a few more pesos. If not, there is always tricycles to get you there for 30 pesos or less.

Once there, the main thing to try is the Vietnamese Restaurant.

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