Whataburger is one of the best hamburger joints in America!

If you talk to a Texan about food, they will probably tell you about a place called Whataburger. It is very popular in Texas and across the South. I will admit that I realize why they love the place after eating there a few times.

It all started back in Corpus Christ right there on the bay. I have eaten at that location and it is always packed out with people wanting to get some food. However, they are said to have over 800 stores as far north as Missouri. They are mostly open around the clock. There is a few exceptions to that rule.  

The restaurants are marked by a iconic A frame style building that people have come to realize as Whataburger when they see it. Many connected the orange and white stripes on the roof with the brand of hamburgers they have come to love.

My story does not start in Corpus Christi (even though I have eaten at that restaurant), it starts in Tulsa when I was in graduate school. There was a Whataburger on the way home from my late class so I would stop in their about three or four times a week to get a good meal and drink really fast. They made sure I never went hungry. That is for sure.

Whataburger is more than burgers


Whataburger Honey BBQ sandwich

Many see the name and think it is just hamburgers but they have some of the best Chicken sandwiches and tenders I have ever had. I have consumed many of their tenders with the amazing gravy they have. I do not know what they put in that gravy to make it taste so good but I know I have ordered extra more than once.

I can also recommend that Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich (same price as the Patty Melt). Again, I do not what they use in the sauce to make it so amazing but I do know that I love the taste. (and the price too!)

Of course, that triple meat Whataburger is about as good as they come. It is three 1/4 pound patties with all the fixings. It has to be one of the best hamburgers I have had at a fast food joint anywhere. It is affordable as well. You can get it for $7.89 including fries and a drink.

However, my main addiction at Whataburger is those Chicken strips with honey mustard sauce. It just does not get any better than that to be honest. I could eat those every day.

Don’t forget their shakes!

Whataburger Shake

The one other thing that I want addicted to was their thick milk shakes that are only $2. When they say, ” thick, handspun shakes and malts,” they do mean thick! It is just how I like it too.

I am not much for strawberry flavors but I had the vanilla, chocolate and Root Beer ones a dozen each (at least). They also malts if you prefer them. Personally, I am more a Patty Melt, fries and a Shake type guy.