What A Burger is the pride of Texas

I do not know of any fast food that is better than the heavenly chain known to us mortals as Whataburger. I love about everything I have ever had at the restaurant that is build to the A frame. I think I probably eat at all eight of the locations around Tulsa while in graduate school.

No matter what time of the day that I came for some food, the people at the store was ready to make sure I had some amazing food. I think I eat a hundred Whataburger Patty Melt (with fries and drinks for $7.19). I love those things.

Whataburger is more than burgers


Many see the name and think it is just hamburgers but they have some of the best Chicken sandwiches and tenders I have ever had. I have consumed many of their tenders with the amazing gravy they have. I do not know what they put in that gravy to make it taste so good but I know I have ordered extra more than once.

I can also recommend that Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich (same price as the Patty Melt). Again, I do not what they use in the sauce to make it so amazing but I do know that I love the taste. (and the price too!)

Don’t forget their shakes!

The one other thing that I want addicted to was their thick milk shakes that are only $2. When they say, ” thick, handspun shakes and malts,” they do mean thick! It is just how I like it too.

I am not much for strawberry flavors but I had the vanilla, chocolate and Root Beer ones a dozen each (at least). They also malts if you prefer them. Personally, I am more a Patty Melt, fries and a Shake type guy.

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