Updated : Sep 29, 2016 in Fiji

Wishbone Fiji has great chicken!

One of the best restaurants in the islands is a place known as Wishbone Fiji. It is part of the Pizza King chain. I am not a fan of the pizza but the chicken is pretty damn good if you ask me.

They currently have about half a dozen restaurants on the main island. Most of them are in downtown Suva with one in Nausori and one in Nadi (Jetpoint).

In the my opinion, the one at Center Point and the one in Nadi has the better staff and make better chicken. However, that is just my opinion.


The Wishbone Fiji Story

As the legend goes, some Chinese guy gave them a recipe and told them to destroy the recipe afterwards. I do not buy it but it is their urban legend, I guess. It sounds way too close to the story of Kentucky Fried Chicken and the whole “secret recipe.” They are just missing the Colonel is all!

However, the herbs in the chicken mix is done about right and it is probably the second best chicken I have had in Fiji. I would have to give the people over at BBQ Fiji is Lautoka the best chicken in the country award.

The good news you can secure yourself a 2 piece combo with some great french fries (or Australian chips) for about $12 or $6 USD. That is not bad at all. A 15 piece meal for the family is about $15 or so.


Wishbone Fiji vs Chicken Express

Since the exit of KFC from Fiji, the main competitor is Chicken Express which I have to say is pretty good too. I really like their chicken bites. The other thing I like about Chicken Express is they are in the smaller markets as well.

I do not think you could go wrong with either of them and normally, the choice is based on which is closer and how busy they are. The prices are close to the same as well.

When you are in Fiji, you might want to check out either of these options. You can’t really go wrong if you ask me!

chicken express meal

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