Worlds of Fun is Kansas City is better than Six Flags in St. Louis?

Growing up in Kansas City, one of the highlights was to go to Worlds of Fun. It was a place that I would end up at least a few times a year. People from all over the region drive to spend the day at our version of Six Flags. Midwesterns love amusement parks.

My grandmother used to work for Eveready (the battery company) and once a year, the company would take everyone to Worlds of Fun for a special day. This was a time when we would all go and one of the few times that all our cousins were together in the same place at the same time.

It was common for us to ride the Zambezi Zinger and the Ortient Express several times a day and of course, we would cool off with the fury of the Nile and the Viking Voyage as well.



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