WPMU Dev has some amazing plugins for using WordPress

I was looking at WPMU Dev and they had a special to try out their plugins for a month for free. I thought I would try it as they normally have some amazing offerings but at a price that I normally am not willing to throw down to get.

However, when I saw I could get to try them for a month and see how they work. I am sure that I will not keep the account after the month. I just can’t justify spending $50 a month for a few plugins.

I am sure if someone is running a complete WordPress Multisite network, it would pay off to use them but for a single website, I just do not see it. I also do not like the subscription idea too much.

What did I get from WPMU Dev?

There was a few plugins that I wanted to try, namely the pop up for the newsletter.

Here is the list of the ones I am trying out on Azusa Report. 

Some of them are figure out but I have got a few of them to work on already. I really like the Hustle one and how I can use it plan a newsletter sign up form all over the website is all the right places.

Are you cheaper options out there?

I am sure there is if I end up using all of these plugins for a year, each one would be over $30 each. That is not completely unheard of in the WordPress plugin market but in reality, there are other plugins that are just effective for just a few dollars normally.

An example of this would the Hustle Pro plugin (that I really like) can be replaced with Ninja Popups for a one time payment of $25. They look very good and the backend looks amazing as well. In fact, I might look at it for Azusa Report. 

At the end of the day, WPMU Dev is worth it if you need all the plugins, otherwise it is very pricy. 

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