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Yap is quite the cool place!

In the nation of Micronesia, you find an island known as Yap. It is like the rest of Micronesia, a freely associated state of the United States but that is about as American as it get to be honest.

This island is known for divers as it has some amazing marine life out in the wars. There is also some cool planes that were shot down by the Americans in World War II as well.

The main hotel in town is a dive resort that has all the things you would expect for divers. It might reminded me of being in Coron in the Philippines.

Yap house

The challenge of visiting Yap

The problem is its’ location. Flights cost alot of money and they only come 1-2 times a week. Currently, they are only serviced by United from Guam. Flights from my hometown of Kansas City to Yap (round trip) are over $2,200 booking 4 months ahead. The 1.5 hour flight from Guam is $700++ for a round trip ticket.

I see this as the biggest challenge for most people to come and experience the island. It is just much cheaper to go to Hawaii or Japan.

The other challenge that I see is people just do not know about Yap or that it is part of the United States. It is only talked about in diving circles and when a hurricane hits the island!

photomatix pro shotThe dissection of today’s image

The image were brackets by 2 stops of light (as I normally do) and imported from Lightroom to Photomatix Pro 5.

As I like the surreal look of HDR Photography, I always jack up the Contrast for the local and for the shadows. Looking like fine art is the goal in my mind, more than looking perfectly natural.

The final touches is go back into Lightroom and use a radial filter to bring out the houses. I normally do this by bringing the exposure up. This is not print quality but it is not bad for a quick edit for the website!

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